Sunday, 17 November 2013

Picnic Basket 101

Embrace the moment...

"What are we going to do today?"

Life is full of many things that we have to do, but to get a moment to enjoy a day without obligations is rare. Picnics are one of those things that can have so many great memories;
"Remember when we had a picnic and watched the sun go down? Lazed around reading the paper, drinking wine, sunnies on and back to the ground?"

Don't be left wanting on your perfect day.. pack the perfect picnic basket, and here is what you need to go in it.  The basket itself is not only functional, but part of the aesthetics of the day, it can be open or closed, lined or not..use what you have, even if its a laundry basket, use your imagination and get going!

The quintessential requirements should be

  • Bread...unleash the inner foodie; lovely crusty rolls, warm Turkish bread, or a heavy country grain with pumpkin, sunflower & poppy seeds.
  • Fresh sliced ham off the bone, specialty salami. If you are feeding a few mouths, grab a BBQ hot chicken from the shop on the way.
  • Mixed antipasto; sun dried tomatoes, marinated eggplant, char-grilled capsicum as the basics.
  • A couple of nice cheese's, hard and soft; cheddar or Gouda, brie or triple cream.
  • Something reflecting a salad...simple rocket or spinach leaves..the more basic the better.
  • Your most tastiest relish or chutney.
  • A tub of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, as your dessert, no mess, no fuss and great little sugar bombs.*on a hot day chocolate will just get messy..
  • Something to drink.. and water...don't forget the water!
  • plates/serviettes/cutlery/wine glasses
  • Chill pills...leave the stress at home.
Extra Extra specials....
  • A tub of gourmet stuffed olives, to snack on during the day
  • Smoked tomatoes...YUM!!
  • Smoked Waygu beef carparccio style
  • Cacciatore, Sremska or an extraordinary specialty sausage 
  • Feta or pesto stuffed bell peppers
  • A local wine picked up on your way, that way it will be nice and cold upon opening. Why not do a tasting?
  • Mini pastries for dessert or handmade shortbread
  • Beautiful blue cheese or an exotic washed rind..strong cheese for solid  memories!
  • Grape or fig paste to go with the cheese
  • Lavoche

Ok so now you have it, remember to pack a soft blanket and bring sunscreen and a big floppy hat.

Too much hassle? Based near Brisbane, here is a link that will take the fuss out of it. This place does lovely pre packed baskets.  DeliVino on Tamborine

Bon appetite!

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