Sunday, 4 August 2013

#Pregnancy #No2. Should it really be Ho Hum?

Well....with one week to go, its all very close; any day...any second. I have a cesarean booked in, and get told by all concerned "don't go early". if I have a choice?

Its all been a very ho hum experience the second time around.  The first was full of information, prego books, diaries, blood tests, samples, appointments and unwanted tips and so forth from family and Miss Information......
"Don't put your hands up over your head, the cord could get tangled..."
"You are eating for two you know"
"Lets swing a gold ring above your stomach to check the gender"
"should you REALLY be doing that?"
"Should you REALLY be eating that?"
sigh....bugger off (in my head) I scream silently..
week 39
Last round I got cups of tea in bed with Vegemite toast, the washing hung out, and if I even dared to look up at something, MM would be right there to see what I needed to acquire. I didn't have to pick anything up ie; toys, random socks, bling, my little pony's, rocks, more rocks and shiny coloured things, tiny farm animals, mega blocks, gems, tiara's, pretty skirts, princess dresses, did I mention rocks??  The family rallied before the date and I had a house full of expectant grandparents, anticipating...waiting...watching....(Oh God, please....). It was very nice to come home to flowers, and a polished and amazingly clean house (thanks mum).

This time was to be different, I have exercised more from the start, watched what I eat, am fitter and looked forward to not putting on the stifling 22 kg as I did last time.  However after the listeria outbreak from one of my favourite cheesery I did sadly decide to refrain from soft cheese and mouthwatering smoked Wagyu beef.. I did pick up a mild habit for Gouda, also toasted raisin bread drizzled with truffle honey. I mean, if I cant have some gourmet, I can still have other gourmet- right? YES!!
Little goes a long way...

See how chalky this is??? ready for the eating..

The last month has completely undone me.  The weight is a huge issue (literally). I just don't feel like walking in the fog at 0 degrees. Its just not pleasant.  I do already have a 4 year old who keeps me fairly active. I constantly pick up stuff, which is particularly annoying and exhausting bending over a hard oversize basket ball at least 50 times a day.  I watch incredulously as MM steps over such things and continues on his way, I carefully but tirelessly train LMM to place her belongings on the bed or table to help limit the bending drama. She does display empathy, puts her hand out to help me up off the floor, and I concede that she is still only 4 and allowed to be a kid.   I squat SO much that in my next life I am going to be a frog, the waddling has taken place and my thighs haven't said hello to each other in a couple of weeks. I roll like a rotisserie in bed surrounded by pillows, and only have a good night when MM is working a night shift- YAH.

Great...? Just got off the phone with the hospital and they are bringing all 'bookings' forward 2 days...I instantly go into meltdown as I was really relying on those extra 2 days to get a my thoughts together (like I haven't had 9 months). It was all so ho hum to the midwife on the phone.."OK?" she says.. well again, as if I have a choice..
Ho hum is what I am calling my parents decision, who have been travelling for the last 4 months out in the desert, loving life, the freedom, the silence, the distance, who are now on their way down the coast, but NO...cant stay within phone reception reach, because they might have to rally to get here just those few days earlier than it was planned. Sorry to put you out, but now you are going to be about a week late...and I cant get hold of you. Fantastic, just what every daughter wants.

Jeez...cranky just doesn't sum it up huh? Actually, its more quiet irony - apart from this rather public whinge. I am not here to demand or to ask, but rather to expect what I believe are to be basics.

I do realize how thankful I am; I am healthy, I have a wonderful husband and daughter, who are healthy, we are together as family, a roof over our heads, our properties sold and mortgages released, no credit card debt and rates and taxes to pay.
mmm brie....
So what am I whinging for?? Because I can, and in a few days, I wont have an excuse. So until the night feeding makes for sleep deprivation and I end up pouring rice bubbles into the sink instead of a bowl...will keep you posted..after I get the washing in..

#7months feeling great

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