Monday, 16 July 2012

Goodbye NZ Sauvignon Blanc!

Done and dusted!!

Sauvignon Blanc (SB) rightly has its place in the wine world. Around 8-10 years ago it hit the palate in an exciting zealous fashion and left little or no room for any other grape varieties. We now have an appreciation for NZ wines, of all varieties. Certainly it has done its job for boosting their economy and awareness.   Beware NZ your SB time is OVER!!

In genetics, SB is one of the parent grapes to Cab Sauvignon, (the other is Cab Franc) it already has that to be known for.  Its now time to be pushed to the side, like the one thing you really dont want to eat on the plate.  Its getting as dated as Kewpie, prawn twisters, & sticky date pudding, as old as the last wrinkled carrot in the fridge...
If we are truly SB lovers, why not get back in to the fresh clean grassy styles that the Aussies do so well, tantalizing the palate with exciting crisp acid, rather than a mouthful of passion fruit and flowers which in reality just gets too much, too soon.  

When I ask a potential 'taster' what they like, they say "I like SB"......and I say with just a hint of glee, but with the utmost professionalism, "Well we don't stock one, because people just don't understand the Aussie SB.  NZ has flooded the market with so much that its difficult to get consumers to understand the essential Australian style." ( and hence keep it all for the people who love it). I am so sick of the comparison with the other stuff, and wasting good wine on people who screw up their noses.
a) it forces people to try something else.
b) it forces people to try something else.

Its time to expand our palates once again and learn to appreciate other fantastic varieties out there.  
ps..Chardonnay is on the comeback!