Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Don't bring your children; the worst whine ever...The Sicilian....

Sicilian Restaurant – Parramatta

292 Church Street, Parramatta

Why they are still in business is beyond me....

With all great intentions that afternoon I booked a footpath booth for 3+2 children for 6 pm. Assured by staff there were heaters to ward off any chill it seemed to be a perfect spot to meet my fantastic Italian friend who travelled from PnG with her two small children.  The 4-6 seat booth was perfect for us and suitable for a little lie down for the kids if needed.

Upon arrival I informed waiter that we were minus 1 person, it was in fact a little colder than expected and asked if we could swap for an inside booth..the waiter walked off a little put out, and said there were no inside booths available. The little tackers were travel worn and at the thin edge of the evening (fair enough!)


Wanting to get the kids settled we opted to go back, to the outside booth where there were overhead heaters and, yes, they did drop the canopy for us. However, the upright heater was not offered at the time and then it was given to someone else. We were seated at a 12 person booth (there were 4 of us) while there were 2 of the other lovely half moon booths empty. They weren't booked because they got two walk ins who were promptly seated there.  We then got ignored while all the wait staff walked back and forward to the other outside tables, some looking at us, and some not.  Even the waiter who seated us, who was now on the door and was directly opposite us completely looked through us. I managed to 'hail' down a waiter for some drinks and some 40 min after being seated FINALLY got something to drink (bear in mind we had 2 small children). It took 3 waiters just to bring a bottle of water..... Unbelievable...

While the other booths got service, drinks and meals, we attempted to 'hail' more staff to order a pizza for the kids; a simple ham and olive pizza..."sorry we cannot do that" came the reply...YOU WHAT??!?!?!?!

***it was at this point that we should have been offered the children's menu....pretty bloody obvious with 2 small children huh????

So we suggested swapping the pineapple for olives on a 'Hawaiian' the waiter seemed satisfied and we then quickly ordered the calamari and warmed olives for us, as the offers of service was few and far between (from here and the moon).

The hungry kids demolished the pizza and the entree calamari, while our olives were as salty as the Dead Sea and therefore were returned.
***if you have read any of my blogs you will know that I am 8 months prego- enough said??

We then ordered the pumpkin & Persian feta ravioli...why oh why did we do that??? It arrived, we both took one bite to find the under cooked Ravioli pasty, claggy and stuck to the palate, I had to scrape mine off the roof of my mouth. It was dull and unseasoned, unpalatable and instantly unimpressive, with two small pieces of feta on top as a garnish.  Before I could blink my Italian friend, (a foremost authority) snapped a waiter to send them back to the kitchen. If anyone knows about Ravioli, its in her I trust!!

It was at this point of no return that we were flabbergasted. The poor waitress that came to take control of her section was put in the worst position by her peers. She attempted to amend the situation, and I give her credit for that but it was really too far gone.  The inexperienced manageress was pushed out the door (like a lamb to the slaughter) with a mouthful of apologies but nothing more, stating in fact that she likes the olives......hmm.

We had to order something (out of pure hunger), so we opted for a pizza which was fairly ordinary as well, but by this point we were so beyond it. It came out quickly; our new and permanent waitress must have put a rush on it.

It was at THIS point, wanting to be helpful, that she offered colouring-in sheets for the kids....she said it was part of the children's menu.....THE WHAATT?????? So, for $12.90 there was meal, drink & dessert for kids....OMG. The calamari was part of this menu (which we paid $14.90 for alone).Even our waitress was embarrassed that we hadn't been offered the children's menu. We wanted to scream....

In all fairness, the restaurant removed the Ravioli off the docket but..left the olives on, which we insisted that they remove, which they did.  We still ended up paying $88 for absolute rubbish food and no service. At least we both got a cocktail and a mocktail, which were the tastiest items on our bill.

All in all we shouldn't have stayed, but unwilling to unsettle the kids we opted to stay put. Simply put, it is the worst place I have dined at in the last 10 years. I have worked, managed and owned a business in the restaurant industry. True leadership comes from the top, and it flows down through the levels. There was no leadership evident here, no passion, no interest. Instead there seemed to be internal sabotage. Enough said??


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