Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wine + Condiments in my Fridge of Life

The fridge of life
Isn’t it funny how we evolve…we get out of home, out of an environment of nurture and more importantly when you are a teenager…a full fridge?  So its our first share house or what ever the case may be , and the first thing we really need is to fill the fridge. So in go the bare essentials of half a loaf of bread, 600ml milk, kraft cheese slices and a tomato or two. The cupboard has all the mandatory munchies of 2 min noodles, corn chips, baked beans and powdered custard.
As we grow and evolve, so does our fridge, we might delve into ‘tasty cheese’ tomato paste, herbs, sour cream. The flat mates have moved out and now we can finally stock something without it disappearing. Each shelf that had a flatmates name on it is now screaming at you to fill it with all sorts of goodies that you don’t have to share, hide in a cupboard or under the bed. Life is good and open for new things and adventures.
Finally we get a partner and now our fridge of life is complete with every condiment in the world, so many vegies that they sometimes turn into that mush at the bottom of the fridge. Most importantly it’s the condiments that take over, first a couple of shelves (like chores), then into the fridge door (like the growing responsibilities).
All of a sudden the whole fridge rattles when you open it with the bulging half filled jars just waiting for you to use them again.  Just like life’s overwhelming urge to take on more and more, to fill every waking moment with a task, job or family, the things we have to do most of the time and the things we only complete half of the time.
I love my fridge, I love the amount of exciting stuff in my fridge, I love throwing a few things together and making it all happen. I love coming to work to find new and exciting yummy ‘stuff’ to squeeze into my fridge of life.  It’s not about consuming everything at once but taking the time to expand my palate into other directions, once upon a time I hated olives, now……I adore them and cant get enough. 
I hope that you too have a fridge of life. Full, to the brim of exciting challenges that await you, now filled with truffle parmesan, porcini oil, white anchovies, specialized cured meats, soft cheese, hard cheese, blue cheese, goats cheese, duck fat, goose liver pate, and organic milk. The cupboard is full of lavoche and dry bikkies.
If not, take a good look at what we have to offer here.  We hope that you find inspiration, a wow factor. And the sudden urge to go home and open your fridge of life…